Thursday, October 8, 2009

Like that video?

That was just an introduction. Wait until you see the long version! It will be fabulous. Meanwhile, in the garden, I am just watering and watering. I have planted so much, and I need to keep the ground moist so the little seeds will germinate and become seedlings. Still getting some great tomatoes. I am so glad I planted those last 3 tomato plants on the hillside. I am getting great tomatoes from them. One of the tomato plants in Garden #1 seems to be fading. I don't see any more yellow flowers. I think the caterpillars did it in. Or maybe that Beefsteak tomato was just exhausted. The brandywine seem to be flourishing.

The arugula is amazing. I didn't have too many artists working in the garden this week. I had hoped to pass out a lot of the arugula. Well, Saturday we finish the videotaping. That's when I will share the bountiful arugula.

Peppers, peppers and more peppers. I had peppers for dinner tonight and saved the rest. How? Put them in plastic, sucked out the air and put them in the freezer. Come January and February, I will have lots of frozen peppers to thaw out and enjoy!

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