Sunday, October 18, 2009


I keep trying to tell myself that I am just transitioning into fall and winter, but it's so sad to cut off all those tomato vines and leaves. I don't think they'll last until Thanksgiving like last year. So much dead stuff. But I still have quite few tomatoes and they are delicious.

The zucchini plants are just about toast. Between the powdery mildew and the fact that it's October. They are on their last leg. But what great zucchini! I grilled so much zucchini this summer, and made 7 loaves of zucchini bread. A good year!

Lots of garlic coming up. The broccoli and chard are also doing well. I need to transplant some of the broccoli seedlings. Amazing number of jalapenos. There is also a tremendous amount of arugula.

The big tree on the dividing line between myself and my neighbor is starting to drop leaves. Hurray! I finally have enough brown stuff for the compost bin. Every day I go out and gather all the fallen dried and brown leaves and throw them in either the compost tumbler or the compost bin. I am going to have some kick-ass compost this year.

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