Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quite chilly today!

Juna, Ginger and Marissa came to work in the gardens today. There was a big wind storm last night and early this morning, so there was a lot to clean up. Leaves and pine needles everywhere. I was happy about the leaves. We gathered them all up and put them in bags to be added to the compost later.

Marissa worked on the hilltop, cleaning off pine needles, cutting off dead leaves on the tomato plants and watering the chard and spinach seedlings with a water/fish emulsion mixture. I think the extra nitrogen will be good for the new seedlings. We also watered all the new broccoli, garlic and onion seedlings with the same mixture. This is their second feeding of this type. The leaves on the lemon tree in the backyard was looking a little yellow. I also gave that a dose of fish emulsion.

I added more compost, burying the potato plant. Then I cultivated the soil near the potato plant, mixed in compost and planted two rows of pak choi. I watered with Super Thrive, of course.

I was concerned there might not be enough food to share, but there was. All the gardeners went home with a big bunch or two of arugula, a tomato, jalapenos or bell peppers, green onions, radished, rosemary, oregano and mint.

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